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Cybercrime is a High-Tech Con Game - Protect American Manufacturing

Contrary to popular belief... Cyber-attacks aren’t stopped by just plugging in a device or installing software. 

Don’t be Cyber-conned! 

Protect American Manufacturing

Imagine this... a professional, polite person strikes up a conversation and opens the door for you as you head into work. Would you stop and question him or her? 

  • Most often, cybercrime is a high-tech con game where criminals prey on the trusting, generous, and friendly nature of humankind. 
  • America loses billions each year to nation-state hackers, and they aren’t all miles away.  

Date: Thursday, October 29, 2020

Time: 11 a.m.

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Project Spectrum is the latest tool in America’s cybersecurity portfolio and is a Department of Defense sponsored initiative.  

From online forums with cybersecurity experts and blogs on the latest cyber threats to online training and product recommendations, ProjectSpectrum.io has an arsenal to protect American small businesses, especially those that must be cyber-compliant to work with the Department of Defense.